Hitchin Lane

  • Fibre IRS System
  • Freeview Distribution
  • Freesat Distribution
  • FM Radio Distribution
  • DAB Radio Distribution

In our longstanding partnership with A2 Dominion Housing Group, they approached us to replace their failing Fibre IRS system with a forward-looking solution that would ensure compatibility with Sky Q for their 30+ houses. To meet their needs, we opted for the state-of-the-art Triax TOF system, complemented by their latest dSCR multiswitches designed for Wideband compatibility.

This recently completed residential project is a testament to our ability to design, install, and commission systems while minimizing disruption to residents. The motivation for this upgrade stemmed from the damage sustained by underground cabling, primarily due to rodent and pest activity, rendering it useless due to winter flooding and freezing.

Being an authorized Triax System Integrator Partner, we took a comprehensive approach to this project. This encompassed everything from installing dish and aerial arrays, including LNBs, to establishing the copper cabling infrastructure. Our solution harnessed the cutting-edge TV over fiber system provided by Triax, incorporating their TTOT and TSOT units, alongside TSWA amplifiers and TWOC and TWCT receivers.

The project site, a substantial social housing development owned by a longstanding housing association client, presented a unique challenge. Our work involved the installation of two new dish arrays, a high-gain aerial array, and the deployment of fiber optic cabling to outdoor cabinets distributed throughout the street.

Key to the success of this project was the integration of Triax equipment, which played a pivotal role in transforming copper signals originating from dish and aerial arrays into fiber. These signals were then split and transmitted over fiber cabling, running above the building and facilitated by the installation of a comprehensive cable tray system spanning the entire length of the properties.

As an added value, we included brand-new gates and locking systems as part of our installation works. The previous ones were in a state of disrepair and detracted from the overall appearance of the property.

Upon completion, we handed over the system to the client, accompanied by a Confederation of Aerial Installers Certificate of Compliance. In addition, we provided them with comprehensive system schematics and detailed signal test records for their reference and records.