Fibre Optic IRS Systems

Fibre optic IRS systems represent a highly efficient and advanced solution for delivering television to communal areas, offering numerous advantages over traditional copper-based aerial and satellite systems.

Fibre optic cables have the unique ability to transmit vast amounts of data with minimal signal loss. They are also incredibly compact and capable of spanning extensive distances, making them particularly valuable when the main aerial is situated far from the properties requiring the signal.

Our team of experienced technicians specializes in designing comprehensive fibre optic networks for communal properties. These networks allow residents to access satellite TV, digital TV, radio, and CCTV signals. Our services encompass full design, installation, commissioning, and ongoing maintenance, including fault finding.

The implementation of Fibre Optic IRS Systems significantly reduces the need for multiple antennas. One antenna can efficiently serve multiple properties, offering the added convenience of easily installing Sky+ multi-room points without requiring additional cable runs.

Our commitment to service quality drives us to collaborate with top brands such as Global Invacom, Triax TOF, and Fracarro. These brands are known for delivering the reliability and quality our customers demand and expect.

In traditional systems, cable loss can be a significant issue, particularly as cable length increases. However, modern IRS systems effectively eliminate this problem.

Our dedicated local technicians work diligently to provide an exceptional standard of service. Whether you need dish installation, additional satellite points, repairs, or multi-room installations, our team is ready to deliver a practical and convenient installation service.

If you’re seeking a reliable FIRS installer, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for further discussions.

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